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Govt To Ease Visa Rules, Boosting Health Infra In Select Cities To Fuel Medical Tourism

Through 'Heal In India', the government aims at positioning the country as a global hub for medical and wellness tourism, and a destination of choice for quality healthcare services. The Union Health Ministry is collaborating with Tourism, Ayush, Civil Aviation ministries, hospitals and other stakeh

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Delhi Sees 25 New COVID-19 Cases

Only five fatalities due to the coronavirus infection were reported in the city last month - one each on September 7, September 16 and September 17 and two on September 28.

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Electrical Wiring In Medical Infrastructure

The use of low smoke zero halogen insulated wires and cables should be made mandatory in every hospital as the nation moves forward in creating better medical infrastructure facilities.

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Strategising Medical Infrastructure Growth In India

There is an urgent need to correct the skewed distribution of healthcare infrastructure and use technology in a big way to reach expert medical care in times of emergencies.

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Measures To Counter Future COVID Waves

With the below measure followed, we can face any number of COVID waves without losing life or livelihood and achieve herd immunity by the turn of this year with minimum damage.

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How can India fight the war against COVID-19

Fast forward to the current situation, the virus has struck us with all its might and the reality is that, India’s medical infrastructure is just not equipped enough to deal with this health crisis

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