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Eisai Alzheimer's Drug & Clot Buster Leading To Brain Haemorrhage

The intravenously administered clot-clearing medicine tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) is the indicated hospital treatment for acute ischemic stroke

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Alzheimer's Drug From Biogen, Eisai Slows Cognitive Decline, Side-effects In Focus

The drug, lecanemab, was associated with a dangerous type of brain swelling in nearly 13 per cent of patients in the trial that spanned 18 months and enrolled nearly 1,800 participants with early-stage Alzheimer's

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Eisai, Biogen Say Alzheimer's Drug Slows Cognitive Decline

Eisai and Biogen Inc on Tuesday said their experimental Alzheimer's drug significantly slowed cognitive and functional decline in a large trial of patients in the early stages of the disease, marking a rare win in a field littered with failed drugs

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