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Connection Between Ovulation & Ovarian Cancer: Research

The analysis of 21,267 women with ovarian cancer and 26,204 healthy control subjects from 25 studies showed that factors that reduce ovulation duration -- namely, oral contraceptives, pregnancy and breastfeeding -- were linked with reduced cancer risk and this protective effect was stronger than exp

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Lack Of Awareness About Tongue-tie In Babies

A severe lack of awareness, of specialized education surrounding tongue-ties & breastfeeding for pediatricians and lactation consultants, has been fuelling this.

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Must Know Facts & Myths For Lactating Mothers

Breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother as it protects the mother from diabetes, breast and ovarian cancers, heart disease and postpartum depression.

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Pregnancy And Breastfeeding After Breast Cancer

It is advised that women should wait for at least two years before trying to conceive after the completion of breast cancer treatment.

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Nutrition Tips For Lactating Mothers

It is highly important for mothers to take care of their health, for which a complete diet needs to be maintained.

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