Article on September 29, 2020

The medical fraternity is breaking stereotypes and embracing digital space. Is it time for providers to pull up socks?

Both patients and service providers, who may not have been exposed to smartphones and computers are adapting faster and better than usual.

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Manage Your Diabetes To Protect Your Heart

Accumulation of cholesterol deposits, known as Plaque, inside the coronary arteries, narrow them and decrease the blood flow to the heart, causing coronary artery diseases.

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How Technology can disrupt the challenges for Cancer patients from tier 2 cities

It's a disease rooted in the fundamentals of our biology; it presents tough challenges that can be altered if medical experts from various fields unite.

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World Heart Day: How Can Digital Therapeutics Help Manage Heart Failure?

A report published by Journal of the practice of Cardiovascular Sciences[vii] , stated that Heart failure (HF) is a major health problem in India with a post admission mortality of 20%–30%.

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13 Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Heart

Eat less sugar because when the body receives large amounts of sugar it processes them into triglycerides.

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Experts says, smokers face two to four-fold higher risk of heart disease compared to non-smokers, especially in the current pandemic situation

Most Indians start smoking early, increasing the risk of heart disease at a young age.Daily cigarette smoking in India is about 6% and prevalence of smoking increases with age.

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