Article on August 10, 2020

How India Addressed COVID-19 Challenges with Strategic Partnerships

Despite the disruptions in supply chains and the pandemic’s outbreak, the pharmaceutical sector in India saw a growth of 8.9 per cent in March due to stockpiling.

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Wockhardt Foundation and Biogetica have partnered for multidisciplinary research into Covid 19

The research to develop the remedy is being conducted under Corival Life Sciences which boasts of a one of its kind partnership between global leaders in the field of Natural & Pharmaceutical Medicines.

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Code Brew Labs onboards a team of psychologists to help employees deal with Anxiety & Mental Health issues

The 360-degree Tech Stack company has adopted a wholesome employee-first approach during the pandemic.

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Dr. Ruchir Mehra(Co-founder & CEO, Remedo) in conversation with BW Healthcare World

25 crore people in India have one chronic condition. Three of five deaths happen due to non-communicable diseases.

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Mask Wearing Reduces 60% Risk of COVID-19 Infection: Says Experts

Wearing mask scores over other preventive public health measures from COVID-19 infection as nose and mouth are the main gateways for the entry of the virus.

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