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Bhupendra Paintola

The author is Trainee Correspondent with BW Businessworld

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Women Owning Commanding Roles In Armed Forces: Major Gen Dr Rashmi Datta

Of the three services, the Army marks women officers at 1,705, followed by 1,640 women officers in the IAF, and 559 in the Navy, as per the data submitted by the government to Parliament last year

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Affordable Liver Transplant Leveraging Medical Tourism In India

The doctor added that Apollo Hospitals receives liver transplant patients from over 50 countries

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H3N2 Virus More Potent Than Other Strains, So Far 2 Deaths & 90 Cases

This virus may be more severe because, in the last three years, people were using masks extensively and this H3N2 could not enter the body. Hence, there was a lack of adequate antibodies to fight this. With reduced or no masks now, this virus is entering the world with already compromised immunity

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Cost Of Diabetes Care Determined By Complicacies Than Treatment Costs

In an exclusive conversation with BW Healthcare World, Dr Shashank Joshi, Chair, International Diabetic Federation IDF South-East Asia, speaks on diabetic remission, Covid induced diabetes, economic strain of diabetes and right lifestyle to keep diabetes at bay

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Laws Should Mitigate Patients' & Their Caregivers' Life Problems

In an exclusive interview with Bhupendra Paintola, Businessworld, Dr. Indu Bansal Aggarwal, Director & Senior Consultant - Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Narayana Super-specialty Hospital, Gurugram, speaks on importance of positive attitude in cancer, tobacco taxation as cancer deterrent and loopholes in Indian healthcare regarding cancer.

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Certain Foods Cause Cancer: Fact Or Myth?

In an exclusive interview with Bhupendra Paintola, Businessworld, Luke Coutinho, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, speaks on relation between food, nutrition, lifestyle in cancer.

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