Towards Quality Healthcare

Keep your dreams large and not compromise while chipping away at the challenges one by one

Sandhya Raju, Founder, CallHealth Services

On the company’s relevance 10 years from now: Our collective, lack of respect for the environment and unabashed abuse of the ecosystem is bringing in greater and newer health challenges. At the same time, at an individual level, we are becoming more and more self-aware and there is a greater focus and opportunity for disease prevention and wellness. In 10 years from now, access to information, knowledge and self-diagnosis will improve dramatically aided by AI and non-invasive medical / diagnostic tools.
On the future of the business: We will be introducing self-help lab test kits, instant connect to doctors across geographies, harvest the healthcare data to create a meaningful predictive and preventive alert systems, apart from pretty much eliminating the tyranny of distance, time and cost for most healthcare needs.

On the importance of AI and blockchain to the business: Technologies like AI will help in diagnosis of illnesses even more accurately and reduce the chances of human error. We are already seeing this in our differential diagnosis platform and this is proving to be a very effective clinical decision support system. Blockchain and digital certificates can help eliminate unqualified care providers from misleading public, as well as authenticating prescriptions and diagnostic reports, thereby reducing fraudulent insurance claims.

On the possibility of shrinking jobs due to technology intervention in the sector: India’s deficit in healthcare is too large and abysmal compared to WHO standards. So, the services space in healthcare is only bound to grow. New job opportunities and niche skill sets are bound to surface even faster, making skilling and reskilling much easier and thereby generating jobs in the rural areas.

Message to young entrepreneurs and startup founders:  Keep your dreams large and not compromise while chipping away at the challenges one by one.


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