The Effects Of Music Genres On The Human Brain

Music affects us physically and mentally. Different kinds of music affect different people differently. Although we may react to various kind of music in our own way, it does affect us all in the same way.

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Our brain can be divided into 4 parts - frontal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, and parietal lobe. When we listen to music, all four parts react. Though all of them work on different aspects, they all respond. When the music enters our brain it is split into pitch and volume. After that comes the feeling of emotions.

The different effects music can have on your brain depends upon the genre we prefer to listen.

  • Soothing music like Jazz helps us distress and has healing powers.
  • Upbeat music releases endorphins and which makes us happy and increases our immune.
  • Pop music boosts energy and helps us exercise better.
  • Rhythmic drumming helps in meditation.
  • Classical music helps in memory recall and also deters crime.
  • Metal is good for our sense of self and gives a strong sense of identity.
  • Rap music can help fight against depression.
  • Country music evokes feelings of internal joy.

Everyone may react to music differently. Some people prefer soothing, calming music while some prefer upbeat and high tempo. Some may be preferential to rap music while some towards instrumentals. But all these genres affect the human brain the same. Music shapes our brain, and listening to different kinds of music engages a larger network of your brain.

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