SRIT Partners With For Providing Voice-enabled Patient Care

The partnership aims at transforming doctor-patient engagement and facilitate seamless Electronic Medical Records in less than 30 seconds.

Photo Credit : ShutterStock,, an explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with SRIT, a player for the last 21 years in the field of clinical, radiological, medical imaging, EHR, eHealth, mHealth, RCM, Insurance Contracts & Claims adjudication management software solution. This partnership aims to augment SRIT’s eHealth and mhealth solutions and enable them to deliver voice-based electronic medical records (EMR) documentation.

SimboAlpha, a flagship product of, is a cloud-based application programming interface (API) platform. It is based on Artificial Neural Networks and is trained on over 10 million recordings, it supports native and all Indian English accents. Trained on International and Indian clinical terms, SimboAlpha’s prescription digitization is highly accurate even in noisy environments, with 2.58 per cent Word Error Rate (WER) and 3.16 per cent Sentence Error Rate.

“We are pleased to announce that after a long due diligence of comparative products in the industry, we have integrated our solution with SIMBO.AI as our AI partner for Voice Enabled Care. We have offered the application to some of our customers and buoyant of their feedback, we have plans to extend the synergy to all our clients as an Integrated Offering. This paces up our vision of automating and easing clinician-led care,” said Dr Madhu Nambiar, Chairman & MD, SRIT

Baljit Singh, Co-founder and CEO,, said, “We are excited to be partnering with SRIT a Healthcare-IT Giant of 21 years. This partnership comes as a huge endorsement for our continuous research efforts. SRIT will be taking SimboAlpha across India and other geographies providing us an opportunity to serve clinicians and patients and thus will enrich our Made in India Product”. Baljit, further added, “SimboAlpha’s transformative technology will enable the healthcare stakeholders to disrupt the way clinicians approach patient documentation."

Simbo uses in-house Speech-to-Text engine and advanced clinical NLU trained from above 10 million audio recordings. It is available as a cloud-based API so that it can plug-in into any existing Healthcare Information System (HIS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software system.

SimboAlpha, is designed to be compatible with both generic and speciality specific EHR/HIS systems. As a smart digital assistant, SimboAlpha is aimed at freeing doctors from time-consuming EHR data entry and improving their interactions with patients. continues to work on its new technology based on its patent-pending 'Brain Inspired Spoken Language Understanding' (BISLU) to its API platform. It will support various stakeholders in the consultation room using multi-modal explainable AI. BISLU's human-like intelligence and NeuroSymbolic AI technology will also enable pre-screening and will function like a real-doctor in the room.


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