First ever ‘Virtual Cyclothon’ organised to raise awareness on heart health

Various cyclists above 20 years invited from East Delhi , Ghaziabad, Vaishali, Patparganj and Noida. Virtual Cyclothon – No mass gathering, cyclists can choose their own path

Pertaining to the increasing cases of cardiovascular diseases  and to raise public awareness during the pandemic for a heart healthy lifestyle, Max Super specialty Hospital, Vaishali & Patparganj has come up with first of its kind ‘Virtual Cyclothon’.

Under the banner name of #pedalforhearthealth, on the occasion of World Heart day 2020, the virtual Cyclothon has been scheduled for two days. Unlike the regular Cyclothon where a large gathering of cyclists meets at one place to kickstart the event, in the virtual Cyclothon, the cyclists have been provided the comfort to cycle individually in the path of their choice.

Various cyclists above the age of 20 years have been invited from East Delhi, Ghaziabad, Vaishali, Patparganj and Noida for active participation in the first ever ‘Virtual Cyclothon’. Although the cyclists are independent to choose the path of their convenience, but in order to mark their presence, they need to pass through the touchpoints given to them. The cyclists need to cross the checkpoint at Max Hospital, Vaishali & Patparganj, gate no 1, click their picture and tag it on the social media. All the participants will be provided with an online participation certificate.

While cardiac problems among the youngsters sound dangerous, it can be treated with better care and diagnosis. Timely detection and arrival at the nearest hospital emergency can help revive the symptoms and restore heart functioning. The only and the easiest way to prevent heart diseases is to avoid the sedentary lifestyle and food habits that encourage obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Dr. Pinak Moudgil, Vice President – Hospital Operations, Max Hospital, Patparganj said – The increase in cardiac concerns among the general population of our country is an alarming situation. It has become evident that we should take care of our health at any cost. But due to the ongoing pandemic the cardiac concerns have taken a serious route. So we organized the virtual cyclothon event in order to create awareness among everyone and to let them know about various benefits of keeping your heart healthy

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