Code Brew Labs onboards a team of psychologists to help employees deal with Anxiety & Mental Health issues

The 360-degree Tech Stack company has adopted a wholesome employee-first approach during the pandemic.

Started as a mobile app development company in 2013, Code Brew Labs was a dream ingested by an Engineering student, Aseem Ghavri along with his friends with the idea of making it big and leaving their mark in the industry. Being a first-generation entrepreneur, Aseem very early on became infamous for being a serial entrepreneur who understood the gap between a businessman’s idea and lack of knowledge in terms of tech suite and digital marketing and with Code Brew he has been trying to bridge that gap.

The aim from the very beginning as he puts it was to help “the inventors,” people who wanted to create, had amazing ideas but lacked the means and knowledge to turn it to reality. “We wanted to help them and do our bit in realizing their dreams. The expirience has taught us that people are daunted by Tech jargon and words like Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence. With Code Brew Labs, we are striving to break those barriers and take responsibility for the complete technology stack for new businesses and the already existing ones that need an upgrade.”

But what’s come forth about as a fresh change about Code Brew Labs and the CEO & Founder Aseem Ghavri in the recent past is the fact that how an Employee centric approach can transform the basic functioning and productivity of a startup.

Code Brew’s putting in some serious efforts towards promoting positive mental health amongst their family of 600. The idea came after a report by a leading daily showcased that Suicide was the leading cause for over 300 “non-coronavirus deaths” reported in India due to the distress and anxiety triggered by the nationwide lockdown.

Post which with a certified panel of 5 psychologists onboard, employees at Code Brew have been urged to come forward and talk about their issues both personal and professional to the psychologists as and when needed with utmost privacy and code of conduct.

While talking about the initiative, Aseem mentioned,” Mental Health is an extremely important issue which often gets sidelined in the corporate sector. Especially now, with the whole Covid-19 situation, pressure these days is immense and the only way to deal with the anxiety is to get the proper medical help, which unfortunately is rather expensive. So we are trying to do our bit for our employees here by getting on board the psychologists.”

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