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Medikabazaar hires senior leadership team in line with its growth plans

Medikabazaar, India’s leading B2B online aggregator for medical supplies recently announced the appointment of Dr. Akash Rajpal as Executive Vice-President, Marketing and Product Management

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Meaningful Innovation: Core to Medtech Sector

Increasing disease burden coupled with India-specific elements, such as younger onset of disease, unhealthy lifestyles, further makes treating NCDs in India more complex and difficult making it imperative to finding innovative ways to deliver healthcare. Through some examples, the author, Madan Kris

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Raising Generation ‘M’ - Millennials and Mental Health

Every generation is shaped by the world they grow up in. Millennials are the first generation to grow up amidst fast-arriving waves of technology – the internet, smartphones, social media and now even virtual reality.

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If you think your child has hearing loss, go and get a test done

A child develops language immediately after birth. The first five years are the golden period for listening abilities and language skills. If a child has hearing loss, Cochlear implants restore hearing.

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