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Dr. Sudarshan Ballal

The author is Chairman - Manipal Hospitals and President of Nathealth.

Latest Articles By Dr. Sudarshan Ballal


Enabling Quality and Skilling in Healthcare

According to NATHEALTH Aarogya Bharat Report, India will require nearly 2 million more doctors and 4 million nurses to achieve a doctor-to-population ratio of 1:1000.

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Economics & Dynamics of Aarogya Bharat

By 2030, we hope to make distress-free healthcare a reality along with a functional and comprehensive wellness system for all. To achieve this universal goal, both the government as well as the private sector stakeholders need to formulate financing models that are not only innovative but can also assist in increasing the overall investment scale of the sector.

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Is Ayushman Bharat – The much needed healthcare revolution for the country?

Despite India growing economic clout and growing stature in the world, we have been left far behind as far as healthcare for the citizens in concerned.

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