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Demand & Supply Imbalance In Kidney Healthcare Is Significant In India: Aseem Garg

In an interaction with BW Healthcare World, Aseem Garg, Founder & CEO of DCDC spoke on the major causes of kidney failures in India, the gap between demand and supply of healthcare facilities available to patients diagnosed with kidney failures, the recent advancements in the nephrology sector, affordability of dialysis services and the steps that are needed to be taken to reverse the trend of rising kidney failures in India

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The Curious Case Of Monkeypox – Is It A World Health Emergency Or Not?

According to CDC (Centre For Disease Control) globally there are about 4769 confirmed monkeypox cases in close to 49 countries as of 28 June 2022, with European Countries reporting the majority of the cases followed by the US. The Virus has reached Southeast Asia, as one case has been detected in Singapore, but no case has been reported in India so far

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India’s AMR Burden Has Reached Alarming Proportions: Saransh Chaudhary

In a deep diving interaction with BW Healthcare World, Saransh Chaudhary, President, Global Critical Care, Venus Remedies Ltd, speaks on the causes of the rising Anti-Microbial Resistance crisis of India, the effect of meat eaters on the AMR burden, the fight against the AMR crises led by pharmaceutical companies and the government, and the right steps to be taken to avert a looming catastrophe of AMR diseases

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Apollo And Datar Genetics Launch First Blood Test In India To Detect Early Breast Cancers

The blood test is made by Datar Cancer Genetics and is already available in more than 15 countries including Europe, it is now made available in India exclusively through Apollo Cancer Centres. Apollo management informed that the test will be available in all its facilities across India starting by 22nd of June with a price of Rs 6000. The test can also be availed by dialing a helpline number

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India Is An Important Market For Innovation & Healthcare: Sashi Sreedharan

In an exclusive interaction with BW Healthcare World, Sashi Sreedharan, Managing Director, Microsoft India, speaks on the advancement of AI in Healthcare, the privacy and protection of data of a patient, Microsoft’s ventures in AI with healthcare organisations and the future of AI in coming years

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The Need To Install More Mammograms In India To Detect Breast Cancers

Although the incidence is on rise, it is a treatable cancer provided it is detected early and treated appropriately. Unfortunately, in India, women mostly reach out to the doctors when the disease is already in an advanced stage. One of the reasons for the late presentation is lack of affordable mammogram facility

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