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Medeor Hospital, Manesar treats 250 Covid-19 patients by creating unique capabilities to fight the pandemic

Covid-19 has affected more than 14 million people worldwide and claimed around 6 hundred thousand lives so far

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Further Strengthen Its Global Response To COVID-19 To Support Development And Production Of Therapeutics And Vaccines

Thermo Fisher is also supporting multiple vaccine programs globally that are in or entering human clinical trials, providing critical capacity and expertise that has accelerated development and readiness by months.

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Abbott And 1mg Bring Continuous Glucose Monitoring Solutions Closer To Indian Homes

Poor diabetes control, a factor that has been observed in the Indian population with diabetes, puts them at increased risk of health complications including nerve problems, heart diseases, retinopathy and foot ulcers 2 .

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Doctor's timely advice can prevent serious illnesses

Cancer patients are generally immune-compromised (have low immunity) and may experience more serious complications if they acquire Covid-19

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Startup launches India’s first integrated healthcare app

In current pandemic situation the WONDRx app will help to connects between Doctors- Consumers and Health Care providers across the nation

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Magneto Solutions partners with Jindal Group, IFFCO, Medanta Hospital & others with its advanced central air cleaner to stop airborne spread of COVID-19

WHO acknowledges possibility of indoor airborne spread of Coronavirus. The latest version is powered with UVGI technology, trapping particles with sizes up to 0.1 microns, smaller even than the COVID-19 virus size

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