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Measuring Data for Gender Equality – the theme of the Special Issue of Social Science and Medicine-Population Health, to be launched

The papers highlight the value of understanding gender equality and empowerment across health issues and across national populations.

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Miraculous Recovery for a 66-year-old man from Karnataka Suffering from an Uncommon Brain Disorder

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is a rare neurological condition that occurs due to damage to nerve cells in the brain that are associated with movement. It affects muscles of the limbs, eyes, and in advanced stages heart and respiratory system.

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New homoeopathic drugs show results against cancer in lab model: Researchers

New drugs developed from Cancer tissues show anti-cancer effects in studies at ACTRECT (Tata) Institute, Mumbai; Study at Tata show initial results.

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Gene Therapy Effective for Treating Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration: Study

Last year alone, ophthalmologists performed more than 8 million anti-VEGF injections in the United States. Researchers have been searching for a better alternative to monthly injections almost from the moment anti-VEGFs were introduced. Gene therapy is emerging as one of the more promising alternatives to long-term anti-VEGF treatment.

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