Yoga For A Healthier Heart

Exercise is very important for keeping our heart healthy. CVDs are number one killer across the world

Yoga is a crucial ingredient for our mind and body. It is good for a healthier heart. Various diseases can be prevented just by adapting yoga into your lifestyle. Yoga can minimise the risk cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) as well. CVDs alone amount to millions of deaths across the world. 

Dr. Nikhil Choudhary, Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiology, Heart Failure, Narayana Health Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur, said, “India is suffering from an epidemic of CVDs. It is the number one killer worldwide. And is the most important cause of disability, stroke or paralysis. All of them basically are lifestyle diseases.” 

“Whenever we treat our patients, it’s basically an amalgamation of three things- diet, medicines, and the most important one, according to me, is exercise. It not only decreases our risk factors, but also, our overall… tendency to developing these diseases is decreased,” Dr. Choudhary added. 

Yoga is specifically quite helpful for decreasing the aftermath of a heart disease.  There are many asanas which help in maintaining a heathy heart. Dr. Choudhary said, “Yoga in today’s world is a boon for us. Not only does it make us healthy, but it also improves our heart’s health. It is an age-old tradition, Yoga is a mixture of mental, physical and spiritual health, Yoga is a mixture of kriyas, mudras, asanas, and of course, pranayam.” According to various research findings, yoga may not increase your lifespan, but it makes the fight of our cardiovascular diseases more effective, increases the overall efficacy and improves our health. 

]Dr. Choudhary mentioned that breathing is very important while trying asanas. One has to focus on breathing as this is where the benefit of yoga lies. He recommended doing a 4-5 minutes-long session of deep-breathing before beginning with asanas. 

The expert suggested a few asanas that help prevent CVDs. He said, “Start with a standing posture, like Taadasana, which is very helpful. It basically stretches all the muscles in the body and increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the heart.” 

Dr. Chaudhary recommended some other basic asanas, such as Tiriye Taadaasan, Trikonasana, sitting asanas like Vajrasana, bending asanas like Paschimottanasana, Savasana and Pusthrasna. It is a very good exercise for patients who have undergone a cardio surgery and angioplasty.” 

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