What is Mental Detoxification and how does it play important role in our lives?

There’s one aspect of holistic wellbeing that we often appear to ignore or simply not pay much heed to – the health and vigour of our minds.

When we talk about detoxification, we tend to primarily focus on cleansing our bodies. Through participation in different detoxification programmes, we try to get rid of toxins that drain our vitality and denigrate our health. Fortunately, more and more people are resorting to such activities as there’s increased awareness and desire for wellness. For instance, many of us simply follow an intense and regularized workout regime to ensure our physical wellbeing. However, there’s one aspect of holistic wellbeing that we often appear to ignore or simply not pay much heed to – the health and vigour of our minds.

While we might pay adequate attention to our physical detoxification, complete wellness would continue to elude us if more or at least equal focus is not on mental detoxification. The idea behind it is to detox our minds from the false and limited thinking that disrupts our lives and eventually impact our relationships. We need to be absolutely judicious about what really matters and what deserves our mind space. Cluttering our minds with thoughts that are unimportant or inconsequential refrain us from acquiring experiences that are not just new but valuable too, for the bandwidth available is always limited.

Apart from robbing us of new experiences, the incessant repetition of old thoughts and feelings further deprives us of bringing new possibilities in our lives. Detoxification of mind gives us freedom from being trapped in this groove where fear reigns supreme. Many would say that all this is easier said than done, but fact remains that going for mental detoxification is not as cumbersome a task as it seems.

Mental Detoxification can merely start by talking it all out. It must be noted that here we are referring to undergoing a talk therapy with a trained empathetic listener. We need cleaning of the mind as a part of mental detoxification process, in a way that's similar to cleaning ourselves by bathing and maintaining bodily hygiene. If we can get companioning with someone who is a great listener, we have pretty much started our mental detoxification in an absolute manner. This followed by eating right, maintaining healthy relationships and meditating supersedes the process of detoxification and one feels relaxed and rejuvenated.

Aristotle, one of the greatest philosopher mankind has ever seen, had once said that “well begun is half done”. This holds as much truth and significance with regard to mental detoxification as any other aspect of life. Even as their are other advanced stages in the course of mental detoxification, it all begins with the first step – talking.

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