Using Tele-medicine, VBRI Plans to Launch 'mHospitals'

Various rural parts of India is still suffering from poor healthcare facilities and to overcome this, VBRI is launching mHospitals in such areas.


A 64-year-old male was brought with complaints of breathlessness and chest pain. He had had these problems for a month and had been in and out of the hospital for the same during the past month. On his arrival at the hospital, he showed signs and symptoms of cardiac failure. Upon the initial investigation, it was found that he had pulmonary edema (wet lungs) and rising serum creatinine of 2. He was medically optimized and investigated upon further. 

Upon workup, it was found that he had a low Ejection Fraction (EF) of 15 per cent. Coronary angiography revealed that he had a severe triple vessel (coronary artery) disease. He underwent further workup with PET scan for myocardial viability. 

Consequently, he underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG). In the process, he received three grafts on beating heart: SVG to OM, SVG to PDA, and LIMA to LAD, all with Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump support. Post the surgery, the patient had an uneventful recovery. On follow-up after months, it was found that with the help of repeated Echo, his EF had improved to 25 per cent. 

This is one of the cases during Dr Ashutosh Tiwari’s visit on the field, who is the Chairman and Managing Director of Vinoba Bhave Research Institute (VBRI). He met 50 patients in 2 days suffering from various cardiac issues. These patients did not receive the needed treatment due to lack of healthcare infrastructure and shortage of medical staff. Such cases where people are suffering from cardiac diseases even after the advancement in the technology spur him to engineer ‘mHospitals’. 

Inspired from his recent initiative in Sweden, Live Health Technology which is a one-stop solution for all kind of health issues, he decided to bridge the gap between the patients and the doctors with ‘mHospitals’ in India as well. It will help in exchanging health data and information of the patients through mobile devices. It will enhance connectivity in numerous ways. 

Around 60-65 per cent of the rural population is dealing with cardiac diseases in India. There has been a gap in heartcare as it causes various fatal diseases. With this idea, Dr Tiwari along with his team are working for E-clinics in rural parts of India. Currently, they are on the fourth phase of the field trial, trying to make this initiative real-time on field.  

On 15th August, they are launching ‘mHospitals’ in some parts of India. It will help in minimizing the cost of treatment, improve the medical accessibility and give freedom from the poor healthcare system in their region. 

“We are looking forward to launching this program and later incorporate other latest technologies in it. We also have a future vision of collaboration with the government in Ayushman Bharat,” said Dr Tiwari during an interaction with BW Healthcareworld. 

While talking about this, Dr Tiwari said, “the whole idea behind this mobile application came when I was attending a conference in 2014 and my mother wasn’t well. It made me realize the need for healthcare services in rural parts of India. From that day, I started working towards this goal of providing the medical facilities and it has worked out.” 


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