Unimech Healthcare announces the launch of UniClean, an array of cloud-based comprehensive disinfection technology solutions powered by Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) –for air and surface sterilization

UniClean’s cloud- based solution with UVGItechnology and unique sensor based disinfectant system ensures 99.99% virus free, breathable air & sterilized clean surfaces.

Unimech Healthcare,a division of Unimech Aerospace and Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001, AS 9100 ‘D’,CE, and IAPMO-I certified company today announced the launch of UniClean, its array of solutions to prevent ‘Work Place Sickness’ and ‘Crowd Spread Infections’.UniClean with its cloud based UVGI technology provides 99.99% virus free sterilization of air and surfaces in offices, industries, hospitals, malls, theatres, hotels, restaurants, etc.

UniClean’s array of offerings includes:

· Clean-Air a cloud-based air sanitizing system for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) systems

· Closet-Sterile a sensor based continuous disinfectant system for closed spaces

· Uni-Sterile Robot a disinfectant system mounted on remote guided vehicles (RGV) and autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) for surface sanitization powered by UVGI technology.

This array of solutions offers an effective ‘Continuous Disinfection System’ for companies and commercial business units. UniClean’ssolutions combine UVGI technology with sensor/tech enabled functionality and cloud- based monitoring which completely avoids any manual intervention in the disinfection process and keeps the system on auto mode for effective functioning. Further the efficacy of the UniCleanarray of solutions has been tested and proved through advanced microbes testing and UV testing equipment’, which clearly shows the effectiveness of microbas elimination pre and post installation.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC),COVID-19 virus’s primary medium of spread is aerosol. It further cautions that people must be watchful of the 3Cs: crowded places, close contact settings and confined & enclosed spaces as they are the primary breeding ground for the spread of COVID-19 virus. With the economy opening, it is imperative to contain and combat the spread of the corona virus from the 3Cs.

Talking about the launch, MarcDrew,Chairman of Unimech Healthcare, a division of Unimech Aerospace and Manufacturing Pvt Ltd said, “As companies and businesses worldwide are trying to get back to normalcy it is very important to ensure that people breathe safe chemical free sterilized air. The focus of ‘Corporates’ should be on preventing ‘Work Place Sickness’ resulting from heavily contaminated air with microbes in the airflow (HVAC) systems and closet areas. UniCleansolutions with its cloud basedUVGI technology directly destroys the RNA structure of viruses and other microorganisms through a process called photodimerization". He further added, “The most important thing right now is to crank the economy back up by equipping businesses to open in a safe and comfortable environment."

Dr. Nidhi Bhatt, Lead-Microbiology Wing, Unimech Healthcare, said “UVC at 254nm is very effective against all natural microbiota, virus, food borne pathogens, molds and yeast. The UVGI application damages the DNA and RNA of pathogens thus destroying their ability to function and replicate. This ensures microbe and virus free clean breathable air and surface”.

Ram Krishna, Head -Unimech Healthcare, a division of Unimech Aerospace and Manufacturing Pvt Ltd said, “UniClean’s cloud basedUVGI technology solutions are available in two variants, Ultraviolet-C (UVC – 254 nanometer wavelength) and Far Ultraviolet-C (Far UVC – 207-222 nanometer wavelength) solutions. This technology is chemical free”. He further added that, “UniClean’s array of solutions from design concept to creation and manufacturing has been done in-house at Unimech with a cross-functional expert team of product R&D engineers, product designers, electronics engineers, precision manufacturing engineers, UVGI physicists team, microbiology team for lab&dosage analysis, software team,and quality team for CE accreditation etc. This uniquely positions us to offer the best value to the customer directly”.

UniCleansolutions can be deployed for establishments with a footprint of 2,500 sq. feet and above.With UniCleansolution’s cloud based UVGI technology, now companies, industries, malls, movie halls, retail establishments, hotels and restaurants, hospitals & healthcare establishmentscan get their employees and customers back to their premises, as they can be assured that they are in safe99.99% virus free sterilized environment.

Unimech Healthcare is also working on the launch of its new range of solutions to address ‘Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)’.

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