Suffering From Depression, Anxiety During Extended Lockdown

Develop a believe that whatever happens in life happens for the purpose may this lockdown time is a time for new learning’s, upgrading old and new skills, family bonding time etc.

Work is an essential part to be mentally healthy, and when we don’t work either physically or mentally we start thinking about past and future due to which slowly and continuously worry about the future gives us Anxiety and Secondly when the situation become sad, helpless it create depression. In present scenario many people globally suffering from Anxiety and Depression due to Corona virus Lockdown and as the lockdown is extending the fear of uncertainty is also increasing.

This is in our hand how we treat ourselves if we are having a habit of over thinking slowly or gradually we are harming our mental health. Mental health is also equally important as physical health. In a present situation we have to be physically and mentally strong to fight with the situation of uncertainty.

To handle the fear of Uncertainty lets understand how a person can accept the things.

1. Acknowledge the situation, whatever happened has already happened and the situation can’t be altered. Stop fighting with the situation.

2. Have a belief that it too shall pass, everything is impermanence. The situation is temporary

3. Overcome your challenge (Brain Storming), take a note book and find out 30 ways to overcome the challenges. The moment you altered your focus from the uncertainty you change your life.

4. Find out the skill to cope up with the situation, what up gradation you can do to help yourself (it can be alternative options for your jobs, business, and career opportunities).

5. You can seek help from social media groups, emails, and phones.

6. Don’t try to change the things which you can’t change. Accept it as they are.

7. Don’t listen to the people from whom you are not getting any positive thoughts. it will destroy your focus & again you will on the flight mode (when we are not ready to fight with the situation and become hopeless we usually on the flight mode or run away mode)

8. Change what is in your control:- Positive Mental State, Physical Exercise, Enjoy Family Time, Improve physical and mental health, Make yourself confident by listening motivational speeches by experts.

9. Develop a believe that whatever happens in life happens for the purpose may this lockdown time is a time for new learning’s, upgrading old and new skills, family bonding time etc. Find out what is the purpose to be in this situation, what I can achieve from it.

10. Make new goals for every new day.

11. Start Taking actions for you goal

12. Stay close to your daily routine and control over endless news about the corona pandemic.

13. Keep in touch with your friends and relatives by making video and audio calling. Be expressive about yourself.

14. Eat Healthy and stay fit.

15. Recall any of the activity which makes you happy like, listening music, singing, dancing, or learning any new language which you were seeking to do earlier and was not able due to busy schedule. This can divert your focus from the problem to solution.

16. The best thing which helps in every situation is mindfulness, and alertness about the state of your mind, if you always practice mindfulness, and you are always alert about your metal status you will never be depressed and anxiety full.

Nowadays on social media, lots of programs are happening for mental health like meditation, healing, relaxation therapies and many more. Take the advice from the psychologist, if the anxiety and depression is unmanageable. Take the benefit of the lockdown, instead filling stuck at home make your home organized and best place on the earth to live.


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