Ricela Group Launches Gamma Oryzanol, Natural Antioxidant

Ricela Group, world’s largest producer and India’s highest exporter of refined rice bran oil, brings Gamma Oryzanol, a natural antioxidant.

This product, the company says, has been widely used across the world for its multiple health benefits. It has been launched for the first time in India that too in vegetarian capsules, the company adds.

Ricela Gamma-oryzanol is a product of AP Organics which is a part of the Dhuri (Punjab)-based Ricela Group and delivers effective dosage of 300 mg of gamma oryzanol in just two capsules daily.

Gamma oryzanol is a naturally occurring component in rice bran and rice germ which was first invented in Japan in 1954 and numerous nutritional benefits of this phenomenal antioxidant were explored.

Gamma Oryzanol plays an important role in preventing many lifestyle diseases. Several countries like Japan, USA, UK, South Africa, Brazil are using gamma oryzanol as a food supplement, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical for bodybuilding, strengthening muscles, sports supplement, antioxidant, etc. and also as a medicine to treat elevated cholesterol and triglycerides levels, to treat anxiety and to relieve menopausal symptoms to name a few.

Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recognized gamma oryzanol as a nutraceutical and a natural antioxidant to reduce high blood cholesterol. This wonder health-promoting nutraceutical is now available in India for the very first time and it is gaining popularity in the country due to numerous reported benefits.

Dr AR Sharma, Founder and Chairman of Ricela group said, “Our organization is committed to quality, excellence and innovation. Ricela being world’s largest producer of refined rice bran oil and  India being the second-largest producer of rice in the world provides us with ample opportunity for the production of value-added products from the derivatives of rice. Gamma Oryzanol is one of its kind first such product in India. Presently we are focusing on  production and promotion of health-promoting value-added products from derivatives of rice through sustainable value creation and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.”

Ricela Gamma Oryzanol contains 150 mg of Gamma Oryzanol per capsule. Gamma oryzanol is a wonder nutrient present in rice bran oil. A number of scientific studies have shown that Gamma-Oryzanol provides numerous physiological benefits and helps maintain good health. It is available on all leading online platforms like Netmeds, Amazon etc.  

Isha Vashisht, Vice President, AP Organics said, “A natural wonder nutrient to manage cholesterol levels is now available for the first time in India which is definitely a natural and very effective solution to the problem of high cholesterol and that natural solution is 'Gamma Oryzanol.' Not only it helps reduce high blood cholesterol, it is very effective for treating anxiety, managing sugar levels, helpful for patients of hypothyroidism and also plays an important role in preventing many lifestyle diseases. One can check a lot of scientific studies on health benefits of this wonder nutraceutical online ”.

In India, as the awareness about benefits of Gamma Oryzanol is increasing, lakhs of people in the country are using 'Gamma Oryzanol' supplements thereby making best choices for staying healthy during this pandemic.

Indian healthcare experts leading doctors and dieticians are also coming forward and educating people about this unique nutraceutical for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and improving overall health.


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