Reversal Of Diabetes: Possibilities And Probabilities

Studies have shown that by proper exercise, diet, lifestyle modification and medicinal support, people with diabetes can enhance their insulin sensitivity.

Do you have diabetes? Have you always wondered about the possibility of reversing your diabetes? Sadly, diabetes has silently affected many households in India and has emerged as one of the leading causes of death. But now, your dream to reverse diabetes has come true with diabetes reversal treatment.

India is home to around 77 million people with diabetes, making it the second most affected country after China. The significant upsurge in Diabetes, the chronic non-communicable metabolic, endocrine disorder, is quite distressing, especially when people with diabetes develop complications. 

What is Diabetes reversal?

Usually, people who get diagnosed with diabetes get apprehensive about its lifelong treatment, but not anymore. With diabetes reversal treatment, one can reverse their blood glucose levels without relying upon medicines. Studies have shown that by proper exercise, diet, lifestyle modification, and medicinal support, people with diabetes can enhance their insulin sensitivity. 

With diabetes reversal, people with diabetes can achieve the following results:

- Control over the blood glucose level

Reduced dependency on medicine to control blood sugar levels

Improvement in symptoms of diabetes like tingling and numbness of extremities

Improved efficacy to manage weight

Sometimes people can experience a reversal in heart conditions.

Is diabetes reversal a permanent solution?

For a long time, we have known that the chronic lifestyle metabolic disorder diabetes has no cure. However, with the development in science, doctors can reverse type 2 diabetes by managing the body’s inability to utilize insulin. People with diabetes can efficiently reverse diabetes by making few dietary and lifestyle changes. A small percentage of people with diabetes can reverse their blood glucose levels with diet. Still, those who cannot manage blood glucose levels with diet can talk to their doctor, who will prescribe them some medicines to reverse their blood glucose levels and increase their insulin sensitivity. 

With diabetes reversal treatment, many people have reversed their blood glucose levels. The diabetes reversal treatment has good results if the treatment starts soon after getting diagnosed with diabetes. 

How does diabetes get reversed with diabetes reversal treatment?

Now that you know you can reverse your diabetes let us understand the mechanism of diabetes reversal. Diabetes reversal mainly depends on your ability to reduce weight. Weight reduction is the first thing that your doctor advises if you want to reverse your diabetes. But how does weight reduction help you reverse diabetes? When you reduce your weight, the fat stored in the liver and pancreas begins to break down, thus helping your pancreas enhance insulin production and insulin sensitivity. 

What are the foods that help to reverse diabetes?

Apart from exercise and medicines, people with diabetes must include low-calorie food in their diet to enhance diabetes reversal. Studies show that eating low-calorie food has helped people with diabetes to control their blood glucose levels. Therefore, people with diabetes looking to reverse their blood glucose level must include food with low-calorie in their diet like:

- Oats

Flax seeds

Boiled fish (small fish)

Chia seeds

Greek yogurt


Clear vegetable soup

Cottage cheese, etc

Along with eating low-calorie food, people with diabetes may also avoid eating food rich in carbohydrates.

People who still cannot lose weight with diet management can undergo Bariatric surgery, as bariatric surgery has shown promising results in reversing diabetes. 

Diabetes reversal treatment is a hope for people with diabetes. Talk to your doctor to know how you can benefit from diabetes reversal treatment today. 

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