Quality Treatment to the Needy: Spectra Foundation

Excerpts from BW Businessworld's interview with Dr Soniya Gupta, Co-founder, Dr. Spectra (Audiologist and Speech Therapist).

What are the key factors that motivated you to conceptualize Dr.Spectra?

Over 20 per cent of people suffers from Tinnitus or other forms of ear disorders. However, a fair percentage of these people do not seek help. They tend to ignore the issue or attempt to try home remedies. They do not realize that a small disturbance can lead to severe complications in the future. Dr.Soniya Gupta, the leading audiologist and speech therapist, understand the complex nature of the issue. She wanted to make a change in the scenario and motivate people to seek help. She decided to start a hospital that would concentrate on creating the necessary awareness and offer quality medical support.  

How does your concept of treating this problem is different from your competitors?

Every healthcare institution is unique in its perspective of treating their patients. This segment has diversified into distinctive clusters which segregate these techniques. Dr Spectra is a pioneer in this sector through their approach and methodology. We are the only hospital in the country to have an in house research and development team. Our analysts and scientists work in harmony to develop useful products which are utilized for the treatment of Tinnitus. This helps us to lower the treatment cost and formulate customized plans based on the patient’s need. Our devices have an enhanced success rate compared to the other imported products in the market.

What are your strategies to provide quality and affordable treatment to the masses?

One of the primary reasons that people do not seek timely medical help is due to the lack of financial resources. Like every other segment, the health care industry is also heavy on the pocket of the common man. Though there are various schemes and policies which attempt to reduce this burden, it always comes with a clause. There is also the fact that these policies do not cover specific treatment plans. Dr.Spectra has decided to launch the Spectra foundation that enables us to provide quality treatment for patients who cannot afford the cost. Our treatment program is economical as we have developed effective methods to reduce operational cost.

What are the products and solutions offered by your healthcare centre?

Our team has developed specialized products and solutions to offer effective treatment options to the parents. Some of our notable products include Tinnitus Relief, Speechfi and Speakfluent. Tinnitus Relief is used for the treatment of Tinnitus. This battery-operated device uses Neuromodulation to offer relief. Speechifi is prescribed for children who have difficulties in speaking. Speak fluently is given to patients with any speech deficiency. This utilizes Sound X Engine technology to treat the disorders. Dr Spectra provides diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of ear-related problems, speech impairment and stammering issues. 

How do you plan to spread awareness regarding the auditory and Tinnitus problems to the general consumers?

Our team has devised various effective strategies to communicate awareness to the consumers. We utilize all the promotional mediums to accomplish this task. Social Media has demonstrated to be a vital mode for conveying the necessary information. Almost all people across the globe are a part of some social media network. Our promotion team formulates unique strategies to convey the message to different target groups. We create a simple and innovative message which make a connection with the patients or the family. Our customer support team is available online to provide guidance and support. 

 What are the future expansion plans for the hospital? 

Our future expansion plan is inclusive of advancements in the product segment as well as an establishment to newer markets. Our company has a robust presence in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai. Our research team has developed significant products which have proved to be highly efficient. Our analysts are conducting extensive research on the segment, and we aim to expand our product portfolio in the upcoming years. Our plan also involves expansion in various parts of the country and also the international market. Our team is in the method of conducting ground research in these areas. Dr Spectra aims to open about 25 clinics in India. Our global offices will be initially launched in Singapore and Dubai.

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