Park Hospitals Plans Further Expansion

The newly acquired hospitals are in Behror, Ambala, Gurgaon and Sonipat.

Park Group of Hospitals, a global healthcare entity situated in North India is undergoing rapid expansion making it North India's individually owned chain of super-specialty hospitals including cancer and tertiary level care where patients continue to flock seeking medical intervention and care in the facility for various ailments.

Park Group of Hospitals added 5 new hospitals to its chain of hospitals from FY 2019 to FY 2021. Park Group of Hospitals' 12 Super-Speciality hospitals are NABH accredited. The newly acquired hospitals are in Behror, Ambala, Gurgaon and Sonipat. In next one year they are planning to add 4 more hospitals to its chain of hospitals. The Signature hospital is their latest facility.

Dr Ajit says, "One has to decide how they want to move in life at the right time and with the right motive. I knew what I wanted to do and grabbed onto the opportunity as I saw it. Even though we\'ve come far from where we began, I still feel like it's just the beginning. We want the entire nation to experience the kind of healthcare that we provide." Dr Ajit Gupta has versatile experience in all facets of the healthcare industry, ranging from quality, affordability and technology. Being one of the pioneers in healthcare in India, Dr Ajit Gupta's vision has made Park Hospitals carve a respected place among the largest healthcare service providers in North India.

In 2006, Dr Ankit Gupta joined the group as the Managing Director and has catalysed the growth of the group with his ideas and vision. His intent to explore new horizons and set new milestones was supported by enhanced facilities for delivering high-end services of international quality and standards. This world-class medical hospital provides services that ensure precision and care under the supervision of globally renowned and experienced doctors in the midst of state-of-the-art facilities. Focus is also on medical academia, training and digitalization for timely clinical outcomes.

"When you operate in a sector that demands an in-depth understanding of complex scientific, medical, social and economic interplays, ground-level knowledge of all facets of hospital functioning and management skills play a very important role. It's the professional acumen, good leadership, management skills and dedicated teamwork of the healthcare professional that save the lives of the patients. Being a qualified physician, understanding Healthcare Management at macro and micro level has helped me to strive for consistent improvement in the Indian healthcare realm," says Dr Ankit.


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