Omnichannel AI Chatbot To Empower Organisations Fighting India’s Covid-19 Crisis By Yellow Messenger

‘Yellow Messenger Cares’ is a CSR initiative aimed to share the load for businesses and organisations that are helping India fight the pandemic by offering them Pro Bono Omnichannel Chatbots. No terms and conditions attached; Yellow Messenger will build critical Covid-19 help-related chatbots for all relief efforts.

Yellow Messenger Chatbot

To support India’s battle against the pandemic, Yellow Messenger, the world’s fastest-growing Conversational AI platform has launched ‘Yellow Messenger Cares’ a CSR initiative to empower organizations with Covid-19 help-related Omnichannel Chatbots. With no prerequisites or conditions attached, any NGO, hospital, support group or business can get an AI chatbot built by Yellow Messenger to drive crisis efforts. 

When designed and deployed effectively, chatbots may help prevent misinformation, aid in symptom detection, engender infection-limiting behaviours, encourage positive health impacting behaviours while reducing psychological damage caused by fear and isolation. 

Talking about the initiative, Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-Founder, Yellow Messenger said “More and more people are coming forward every day to help India avert this crisis. It has been overwhelming to see nations help one another, companies help one another and people help one another across the world. At Yellow Messenger, we want to empower you to do more.  If you are a company helping the cause of Covid-19, we want to help you by sharing the load. You could be an NGO, a hospital, an insurance company, or simply a voluntary organization. All you need to do is let us know how you are contributing and the kind of chatbot services you need and we'll help you launch a chatbot to reach out and support the masses”.

Yellow Messenger Cares will provide access to an omnichannel chatbot on any text platform for Covid19 related use cases. These could support real-time services like providing medical information related to plasma donation, oxygen/hospital bed availability, vaccine registrations, scheduling appointments, collecting patient data, mental health assistance, handling insurance queries and more.

In a pandemic, no group of people remain unaffected for long. Together, patients, healthcare workers, academics, technology companies, NGOs, and governments can aid pandemic preparedness efforts by proactively adopting innovative solutions.  


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