OPD Expenses In India Accounts For About 60% Of Healthcare Costs: Aniruddha Sen

In an exclusive interview with BW Healthcareworld, Aniruddha Sen, Co-Founder, Kenko Health, speaks about the benefits of health insurance policies and more. Excerpts:

Since the time of launch, what kind of response have you experienced from the customers?

Most families who have bought our products, have considered health finance/insurance for the first time. Our sachet pricing, staggered payments and instant benefits are the biggest draws. Customers who have used these services are deeply appreciative of our customer obsession, since insurance companies don’t usually pay attention to individual customers at the time of claim. They’re also appreciative of the fact that it’s a very wide coverage and pretty much all kinds of health expenses are already part of the benefit list.

What are the benefits of taking an insurance policy for OPD?

OPD expenses in India account for roughly 60 per cent of the healthcare costs.

Due to increasing medical inflation, the OPD expenses have been affecting the average Indian’s monthly budget. An OPD benefit in insurance covers the following 

-Doctor Consultation

-Diagnostic Test

-Investigative Test

-Pharmacy Expenses

Currently, there isn’t any compelling insurance proposition in the OPD space.

There are some non-insurance offerings provided by companies such as V by Aetna etc, but they have limited networks and the coverage isn’t deep or wide enough.

Is there any specific age group to get the insurance cover?

There isn’t any specific age group for the insurance cover, our plans are designed in a way that thy cover all members of the family, from infants to senior citizens.

What are the diseases that are not covered by the organisation?

Uncontrolled Diabetes, Cancer, other serious chronic digestive and congenital disorders amongst infants trying to enroll for a family plan. Pre-existing diseases will not be covered while taking a health cover.

What insurance policy does Kenko offer that is better than its competitors?

Kenko provides deep coverage, up to 90 per cent plan benefit, wide set of services and products and pocket-friendly prices in a monthly subscription format.

OPD benefits (Doctor’s consultation, diagnostic tests, pharmacy bills) without any additional cost to the customer.

AI/ML driver claims process that reduce lead time for the customers and make the experience hasslefree.

Marketplace for clinical/non-clinical medical goods, which is coming soon in the next 2 months.

What are some of the future plans to expand the consumer base?

We are constantly exploring partnerships in distribution, product enhancement, OPD services, Computer Vision/AI capabilities and more. Some of the ones we have recently forged are with ImpactGuru for crowdsourcing in case of very large medical bills, Sova. Health which is a diet and nutrition management platform, SabkaDentist for dental coverage, Nova Benefits - an employee benefits platform, Medulance - an emergency services provider and many more in the pipeline across sectors from elder care to neobanking.


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