New-age Gadgets To Take Care Of Your Family’s Health And Well-being

Here are some ways to upgrade your home with technology and make it a more secure place for your family.

Safety, security and well-being has become the primary concern of most people in the country. The pandemic forced people to stay home which resulted in spending quality time with their family and many have had to refocus their priorities. Some that are stuck in different cities or countries and are unable to be with their families are trying to find solutions that could reassure their peace of mind, remotely.

Being a family-centric nation, we continue to depend on our older parents, especially when it comes to looking after young children. This is reinforced in the consumer study by Godrej Security Solutions ‘Cocoon Effect on Home and Health Security’ which states that while 49 per cent of respondents depend on older parents for staying connected with their child. However, children and older parents are the most vulnerable and one of the key ways to stay connected to both is through technology considering the lockdowns across the country.

Here are some ways to upgrade your home with technology and make it a more secure place for your family:

Wi-Fi enabled home cameras

Until a few years ago, home cameras were mere tools to record footage. Today, homeowners are seeking the protection of their families with the most advanced home security cameras. With the evolution of technology, home cameras have also become affordable. Modern smart cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and can seamlessly be connected to smartphones. One can monitor their homes from anywhere at any time and also get a live feed. A person can also keep a tab on anyone coming and leaving the house while they are away. Additionally, those not living with their senior citizen parents can keep a check on their health and well-being without being intrusive.

Install digital locks

Often, people tend to be lax when it comes to ensuring the safety of their homes and families. While there is an intention to be completely safe, a conscious focus on adopting safety measures is missing. 65% of cops foresee home robberies and thefts increasing post complete lifting of lockdown, highlights Godrej Locks 'Har Ghar Surakshit Report 2020: Safety Insights from India's Police Force'. This indicates that one should start looking at home safety as a necessity. Digital locks are one such solution to ensure a higher degree of safety. They are not only tough to break but also very convenient to use for all family members. These locks come with a host of advanced technology features that can ensure the physical safety of your family. Keeping the current situation in mind, key-less technology where one can be assured of contactless entry and exit to the house is preferred. 

UV technology at home

With the COVID-19 pandemic now in its second wave in India, everyone has become even more conscious about health security. Right from the essential pulse oximeter to temperature guns and sanitization products, people are proactively adopting technologies to protect themselves and their families. Health security products can surely help in ensuring the health safety of your family in such uncertain times. One of the most convenient, hassle-free products you can purchase to disinfect is a UV Sanitizing Case. Its rays kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses from the article in a matter of minutes. 

Alarm systems

A home alarm system, as an added layer of security, is a great way to secure your home. It can help to guard your family against the risks of intrusions, whether they are at home or away. In case of any intrusion, you can even arm or disarm the panel.

Smart lighting

Increased adoption of automation can have great benefits for home and health security. Having motion-sensing lights at home can reduce surface contact with a switchboard. Moreover, if there is an unauthorized entry into a home, motion-sensing lights can alert the owner to take action and warn the intruder from proceeding any further. Another easy way to make your home look inhabited while you are away is using smart lights which can be controlled remotely. You can keep the lights on in the evenings, giving outsiders the impression of someone being at home even when you are away for long hours. This is a great way to ensure the safety and security of your family.

The safety and security of our family is our priority and while we might not be able to assure all of it personally, we can adopt reliable technology to help us.


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