Need For Correct Sarcoma Diagnosis

July is celebrated as Sarcoma awareness month worldwide. Let's understand why there is a need for awareness about correct diagnosis and treatment of Sarcoma.

Sarcoma is a rare kind of cancer and experts point out the challenge of its wrong diagnosis and the impact of incorrect procedures on the treatment outcome. Sarcoma is a cancer of soft tissues and bone. 

“Unfortunately the sarcoma tumor goes undiagnosed in limbs or an inappropriate surgery is done. In such cases, this results in damage and major risk of losing the limb, which ultimately impacts the life of young children/adults, said Dr Himanshu Rohela, Consultant - Orthopaedic Oncology, RGCI&RC.

Though sarcoma accounts for 3 per cent of all cancers in adults and 10-15 per cent in the pediatric age group, the disease requires attention that it deserves to save life as well as limbs.

In a high volume Sarcoma centre, huge number of cases are being reported late which proceeds to less than desired outcomes including risk of losing limb in young children.

Sarcoma happens in early age and at that age there are no major risk factors like poor lifestyle or chewing tobacco. So initially when it happens, most of the parents are naturally in shock. In NCR, a notable issue is that not many of the hospitals have Sarcoma management teams.

Elaborating about prevention, Dr Rohela informs, prevention doesn't play a role here, as there is no risk factor, what's of utmost importance is early diagnosis. We should not ignore the persistent pain or increasing swelling in limbs, which is not responding to conservative treatment.

It's not that every lump or tumour is cancerous, it may also be an infection or a benign tumor. Sarcoma is a rare state to have. Emphasis should be on not ignoring increasing pain or swelling in limbs specifically in young adults, as it could be Sarcoma.


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