Natural remedy has outperformed pharmaceuticals In a comparative trial for Covid. Now what?

Ayurvedic Remedy Outperforms pharmaceuticals In Coronavirus Comparative Clinical Trial.

A clinical trial was conducted in India to monitor the outcome of a combination natural treatment for COVID. An Ayurvedic Remedy called ‘Immunofree’ by Corival Life Sciences, and a supplement called ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica is found to work better in a comparative clinical trial than the Standard of Care.

From the start of the pandemic, we have seen how nature seems to have the answer for novel Corona virus. China for example clearly stopped corona by mandating the use of traditional Chinese medicine formulas for COVID. Madagascar and other countries that took on similar remedies have consistently shown mortality rates under 1 percent. However, there was till now no clinical trial that directly compared natural medicine for corona to standardized medicines presently in use. Now a trial of this nature is complete and that too with startling results.

Half the participants in the clinical trial for ‘Immunforee’ and ‘Reginmune’ were given these two remedies, and the other half were given the government SOP (depending on patient condition and hospital norms, which included but not limited to Paracetamol (SOS) B-complex (OD) Vitamin-C (TID), Azithromycin (OD), Favipiravir and Pantocid (OD).

This herbal combination group had 88 of patients test negative on day 5, in comparison to the SOP with only 72 percent negative day 5.100 percent of patients on immunofree and reginmune tested negative day 10 and only 88 percent on the sop tested negative. Hence this study suggests that natural medicine from Ayurveda is outperforming pharmaceuticals currently being used. The groundbreaking results have been submitted to Ayush in the hope that they will expedite the approval of Immunofree and Reginmune for COVID treatment.

Puneet Mittal, Research Director, Mittal Global Clinical Trial Services (MGCTS), said, “We did not have many hopes in the beginning of the trial but Immunofree even outperformed our expectations too. Remarkable results!”

Dr Vijaykumar Kamat, Medical Director, Biogetica said, “It seems to us that too much expectation and emphasis is being placed on a vaccine even though the virus is rapidly mutating. The flu vaccines have been around for 70 years and it hasn't stopped the flu. Hence, one cannot expect corona to end with a vaccine alone. Therefore a safe and effective treatment is needed and this seems to be the best out there today. This is essentially becuase immunofree hasn't been repurposed for covid. It was designed based on the multifaceted presentation of this particular virus and it addresses the virus with a unique patented 10 prong approach.

Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO, Wockhardt Foundation said, “ It is great to see natural medicine set a precedent like this at a time when the earth needs it most. We will work closely with states of India and governments around the world to make Immunofree and Reginmune the gold standard in Coronavirus treatment.

Apurve Mehra, Founder, Biogetica said, “Immunofree and Reginmune have now shown a result no medicine from any tradition has globally. With the entire world watching, we have shown how nature is essential in medicine for this virus. That nature has the answer when all else fails. We, therefore, hope this opens eyes and minds, and that doctors, countries and patients who truly care about their health accept these remedies.

Additionally, Immunofree ingredients such as “Andrographis Panicullata” have been approved by the Thailand government, and “Artemisia” has been approved by the Madagascar government for the use of COVID-19.

We also hope that the government lists these remedies as part of the standard of care for COVID for quicker recovery, as they truly bear the potential of saving lives, freeing up hospital space and helping people return to normal

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