Nation's prime organization, ‘MedscapeIndia’ proposes to have hospitals for doctor's community

A PAN India approach by MedscapeIndia is focusing on the well being of the healthcare community .

Doctors around the globe have been working very hard in order to contain COVID-19 virus for the past six months. These health workers have left no stones unturned in leading the battle from front. Leaving their lives and family behind, doctors are working round the clock to tackle every given challenge. Stress and exhaustion have affected these healthcare workers physically and mentally. They have been overworked for the last six months, many of them are working without a day’s leave. The job is so taxing as the Doctors have to treat critical patient, visit containment zones, deal with pregnancies , come in contact with high risk and symptomatic patients , quarantine people, deal with patients who have been tested positive for COVID- 19 and send them either for home isolation or COVID Care Centres (CCC).

The concerns, efforts and dedication of the healthcare community, has further encouraged the team of MedscapeIndia, one of the leading organisations to form a ‘Doctors Welfare Committee’ with a team of 5 Eminent core members for each state along with support of the Chairperson Dr. Sunita Dube. The healthcare committee is formed in order to acknowledge the job of our medical heroes and to save the lives of doctors who are at the frontline of the crisis.

This initiative aims to reform medical policies & incentivise the Doctors working in the any crisis. The team of MedscapeIndia will be introducing, 100 bed hospitals, in association with the Government which will be especially designed for our Doctors and the Medical staff working in both Private as well as Government sectors. The hospitals are said to include advanced medical equipment’s and technology in order to provide superior healthcare facilities. The Doctors Welfare Committee at MedscapeIndia has also highlighted this topic and written to the State Chief Ministers and Health Ministries of Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. The issue has been acknowledged by a few states which will eventually help in speeding up the process in terms of allocation of hospitals and provision for funds as well. In the first phase, the prime concern would be to target the states which have higher number of infected doctors and healthcare personnel. However, the facilities at these hospitals will also focus on the health, insurance and safety of not only the healthcare community and their family members but will also be available to support the common public whenever in need.

It is observed that, due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, the number of deaths of healthcare professionals have been increasing when compared to the common public. The number of actual COVID-19 related deaths among doctors is accounted to be 7% to 10%, as they are exposed to the cases directly in hospital setups. They have neglected their own conditions in order to serve the Nation. Every segment be it Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Railway among others, avail customised medical facilities. However, in order to serve the nation and because of the current medical policies, Doctors have been neglecting their own health conditions for a long time. As there hasn’t been any provision to ensure their own safety and that of their families, colleagues and staff, the team of MedscapeIndia has come forward to offer this special medical support. The aim here is to reduce the percentage of the fatalities in the community, as they also have the right to health and safety as any other citizen of country.

Commenting on the same, MD Radiologist, Dr. Sunita Dube says, “My motto has always been to bring about a change in the society and contribute to make India a leading country in the world. Our honourable Prime Ministry has always focused on improvising the healthcare sector. With the ongoing pandemic, we have observed the sincerity, diligence and efforts of our health care providers. In order to save life of millions, it is important that we take into account the primary concerns towards safeguarding life of Doctors as well. At MediascapeIndia, we have formed a Doctors Welfare Committee to grant special norms to the healthcare community. The aim is to provide them equal rights when it comes to healthcare and immediate reduction of death rate.”

While we are all thinking about the post pandemic World, Dr. Dube, already has in place the agenda that can help to achieve this goal.

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