Life Comes In A Bottle: 5 Major Benefits Of Using Portable Oxygen Cans In Our Daily Life

Oxygen is the biggest source of energy to the brain which keeps our brain functioning and helps maintain its reputation of being the powerhouse of the body.

Are you someone who believes that in order to achieve healthy well-being, you need to stay active, eat well, express your feelings regularly, reduce alcohol consumption, develop new skills and set realistic goals? Yes, you are on the right path, but you might be surprised but there’s a corner left to cover -focusing on the Oxygen levels in your body. 

Being one of the most vital elements of human body survival, Oxygen regenerates your body with every passing millisecond. The right amount of oxygen can do wonders if taken responsibly. Although our atmospheric air contains approximately 21 per cent of Oxygen, due to pollution and corrosion of the troposphere, we can never access the right volume and unknowingly end up breathing the contaminated and impure oxygen. 

The pandemic introduced us to the ground realities of the unhealthy respiratory system, which made everyone realize that now is the time to breathe the purest form of air. While so far oxygen therapy has been prescribed only for people who can't get enough oxygen on their own, new-age wellness companies are here to change this thought process by introducing portable oxygen cans and they are a blessing in disguise for everyone’s well-being. Let’s understand how:

Oxygen, a first aid saving lives

If you think you have all the necessary components in your first aid/emergency kit and not an oxygen can, then you are completely mistaken. oxygen is one of the most important parts of first aid to help someone experiencing shortness of breath or an Asthma stroke, etc. Not only it provides instant relief to people who are suffering from any respiratory problem but inhaling oxygen is a great immunity booster that relaxes your mind and releases harmful toxins from the body.

Breathe purest in the polluted environment

'One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.' Imagination is out of depth if we consider the number of pollutants we inhale naturally. It sabotages our entire body system gradually and leaves us in a dire need of carrying oxygen cans with us every time we step out of the house to remain healthy and detoxify ourselves on a daily basis.

Sports, a passion-filled with Oxygen

Any kind of strenuous physical activity can drain the oxygen from the tissues of our body, leaving us in appalling need of resources to boost up.  Supplementing your body with pure oxygen can help the body increase its cellular power to replenish the muscles and tissues resulting in enhanced performance. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) also permits the use of supplemental oxygen administered by inhalation for the athletes.

Drink, smoke and relive

Are you a smoker or love your spirits way too much to have a glass or two regularly? Then you must know that smoking inhibits the body’s ability to take in and use the oxygen needed for optimum cellular function. As soon as the smoke, carbon monoxide enters the lungs. In place of attaching the blood with oxygen, it attaches it with carbon monoxide as it is more soluble in blood compared to oxygen. This leads to the heart beating faster and the body taking more breaths than usual. Supplemental Oxygen therapy can reduce the heartbeat to a normal rate in a matter of minutes and save your heart from beating faster for a relatively longer time, reducing the stress on the heart. Let’s say, it’s a blessing in disguise to save your heart from taking the extra load and stay healthy.

Meanwhile, when we consume alcohol, the liver is supposed to break down most of the alcohol we drink so that it could be removed from the body. However, it takes 3 molecules of oxygen to break one molecule of alcohol.  As the oxygen requirement of the body increases, the oxygen supply to the brain decreases and we start feeling dizzy and light-headed. Oxygen can be used in two ways to avoid the after-effects of alcohol consumption; Taking few puffs after every 20 minutes while drinking to keep the oxygen flow to the brain normal; or when waking up with a hangover, instead of having medicines or coffee, taking a few puffs of oxygen can work effectively in resuming the oxygen levels inside the body. 

The best therapy for your brain

The brain, being the biggest consumer of energy, has the capacity to take over almost 20 per cent of our body’s nutrients during a high brain-knacking session. Oxygen is the biggest source of energy to the brain which keeps our brain functioning and helps maintain its reputation of being the powerhouse of the body. Portable oxygen cans not only provide 100 per cent pure oxygen to the entire body but also provide sufficient oxygen to the nerve cells.

With so many benefits revolving around oxygen cans, incorporating them in your daily life becomes all the more significant than ever to lead a healthy and happy life. 

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