Innoplexus AG Brings 'Neuria App' To Help With Neurological Ailments

The app seeks to support patients by providing individualised information on their options for treatments, clinical trials and experts.

NEURIA, a free mobile application, developed by Innoplexus AG, helping people with their mental health problems and treatment guidance, has now been launched in India. 

We live in a digital world and there is access to any kind of information at your fingertips, courtesy of the internet. In India, more than 7 million people are affected by dementia, over 12 million from epilepsy, 231 million from migraine, 384 million are affected by tension headaches and more than 4.5 million from depression. For all these people, it is a major challenge to dive through an ocean of information to find authentic and relevant answers for one’s mental health. 

NEURIA seeks to support patients living with mental diseases to avail a better quality of life by providing individualised information on their options for treatments, clinical trials and experts. By offering access to recent, accurate and tailored information, NEURIA wants to prepare patients to lead more effective conversations with physicians and consider different treatment options as well as participation in clinical trials. 

Living a good quality of life through adequate mental healthcare and wellness support is a crucial need for all Indians today. With one of the world’s largest youth populations, the country has an incredible demographic divide which can be fully used when support for mental health challenges and neurological disorders is easily accessible. 

“Diseases such as Dementia and Parkinson’s are too often stigmatised as just ‘symptoms of old age' highlighted Juergen Scheele, Chief Medical Officer, Innoplexus. “Through NEURIA, we want to challenge the status quo and support people living with neurological diseases to have a normal life for as long as possible.”

“We’re committed to changing what it means to be diagnosed with a neurological disease – and this means giving patients and their carers the tools they need to get the best treatment journey possible”, underscored Dr Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Innoplexus. 

The NEURIA app is available for download now in India on Android and iOS.

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