How To Increase Lung Capacity With Gym Equipment

Staying physically active can help in keeping lungs healthy as the respiratory tracts are activated to work harder so as to provide additional oxygen which our muscles need.

The ongoing pandemic has a deadly virus ripping through the thread of human community worldwide. What began as an isolated incident in Wuhan, China has proved to be a catastrophe of unimaginable scale. With global cases running into millions, its important for us to understand how this virus impacts our well-being and gets transmitted.

The coronavirus infects by penetrating into the healthy cells. The invader multiplies throughout the human body by making copies of itself. The virus clings onto the receptors on healthy cells, especially the ones in our lungs, by latching its spiky surface proteins. Consequently, this leads to inflammation of the lungs as they are not able to receive enough oxygen supply in the bloodstream. This lowers the body’s capacity to obtain oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This is mainly why in many cases the virus has proved to be fatal for those infected.

Therefore, the best way to combat this invisible danger is to be physically active. Exercise can help in keeping one’s lungs healthy as that strengthens the respiratory tracts to work harder so that they can help provide additional oxygen which our muscles require. The pandemic-induced lockdown led to the closure of many gyms, albeit temporarily, causing many to take to exercising and gymming at their homes only. Thus, good gym equipment can do wonders for one’s fitness and improved health, which in turn leads to improved and more robust lungs.

Need of the Hour – Exercise

Staying physically active can help in keeping lungs healthy as the respiratory tracts are activated to work harder so as to provide additional oxygen which our muscles need. Regular workouts do not just make our muscles robust but also strengthen the functioning capacity of our lungs and heart. As our fitness improves and the body becomes more capable of accepting oxygen into the bloodstream and transmitting to the working muscles, we become less prone to shortness of breath.

Here’s a roundup of some great gym equipment that can help improve lung’s capacity:

1. Resistance Bands and Elliptical

Simple objects like hand weights, elliptical, and resistance bands can be used to perform arm curls. The cheapest, easily portable and most versatile options available, just hold weights on the sides or pull at bands with all of one’s strength to do some effective stretching exercises that can help improve one’s breathing pattern. One can target muscles more efficiently with stretch bands as compared to just doing bodyweight exercises.

2. Suspension Trainer

Pushing out is a super effective workout routine that efficaciously increases the capacity of our lungs to absorb oxygen. As it requires nothing except a doorway to lock in the anchor with a few feet of space, suspension trainers come in very handy to work out any muscle group of any fitness level. A fitness trainer might be needed to demonstrate how to maximise the usage of this equipment. However, for just getting started, one can watch thousands of instructional videos available on YouTube to learn the basics.

3. Treadmill Workout

Easy, convenient, regulated, and much predictable as the user decides the speed, distance and duration of their run on the machine, treadmill workout sessions can prove beneficial in improving one’s breathing rate which would, in turn, improve the functioning of lungs.

4. Dumb Bells

For strength training, picking up dumb bells also can work wonders for enhancing muscle strength. When selecting a lighter weight, one should go for an amount that they could easily do 20 or 30 reps with. For a medium weight, one should be able to do 10 or 20 reps and heavy weight could be 7 to 10 reps.

Summing Up

We are living in difficult times but the right mindset and a positive outlook can help us tide over the prevailing crisis. Exercising can really help rejuvenate us and melt away the stress that can overwhelm us. With the right exercise equipment, one can easily work on keeping themselves fit – with muscles, lungs and heart functioning smoothly.


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