How Companies Should Support Their Employees Mental Health Amidst COVID-19

Weekly discussions should be held so that the managers also know what kind of flexibility is needed to balance between work and home.

This global pandemic has raised high concerns coming to employees’ mental health, but by adopting effective strategies these issues can be minimized to quite an extent.

This pandemic has taken a serious toll on everyone’s Mental Health. From struggling to starting off their day in the morning with anxiety to ending it with high levels of stress. Some people are dealing with adjusting themselves within the new work-life situation where they are bombarded with various responsibilities, some of them have lost their job, or even their loved ones. Some of us are really tired with endless Zoom meetings, and no real-life exposure which once upon a time made our lives easier with office work culture.

When it comes to the business world, employers are the ones who establish the backbone of any organization. Each and every one contributes to the success and growth of a business in more than one, and that’s the reason they are termed as an ‘ASSET’. Herein, it becomes the responsibility of the higher authorities to take care of the well-being of their employees. At these unpredictable times, the competition is increasing simultaneously and everyone wants to stay ahead of the pack in the growing market industry.

Ways of coping stress during these uncertain times

Team’s meetup

On every Friday, for an hour we host a team meet-up which does not talk about the weekly report or the status of working, but it actually denotes the concern of the employees be it on professional level or in personal. In the meeting we talk about real life inspiring stories and how we can actually relate with them in order to boost ourselves. With powering quotes and inspiring sessions, we are able to get intact that zeal and zest for the future performances.

Look for silver linings

There are times when we get disappointed and the work gets delayed as there are many personal and professional things which do not allow us to focus on the things. Instead of getting pissed off, the management understands the pressure and asks their team members to take some days off and try to pull themselves together.

Here are some of the suggested ways which can be taken up by organizations:

Ensuring flexibility

Working from home becomes challenging many times as it affects every employee based on their responsibility and living situation. So, instead of piling up the work,

Weekly discussions should be held so that the managers also know what kind of flexibility is needed to balance between work and home.

Modifying practices

By adding some interesting verticals, one can actually release some level of stress from their team. This can be achieved by adding some of the workshop sessions which are based on some general skills like painting, sketching, singing, claying and even virtually watching a movie.

Modifying policies

Management can also induce Medical counselling sessions by getting associated with Mental Health organizations which will give timely therapeutic sessions and employees have something to look up to when they are struggling from their Mental Health.

Prioritizing well-being

While looking at the increasing impact of COVID-19, it must be taken as a measure that if any family member of an employee is suffering, the organization can allow them some time to take care of their loved ones and assure them the fully covered financial service without any cost-cutting. In this way we can easily establish a positive relation which will in-turn give long lasting results.

Reassuring job security

Some studies state that the stress of securing a job is one of the reasons for the increasing level of stress in employees these days. By governing the fact that their job is secured and they are not going to lose it, half of the stress gets released. As we have stated that the employees are the asset of any organization, so we as an employer do have to understand that there are days when we have to push our employees and cheer them up for attaining that extra mile for their holistic development.

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