Home Credit Takes Initiatives To Support Employees During COVID-19

The form is supporting its employees with a slew of financial and medical assistance measures.

Healthy work-life balance along with holistic well-being has taken precedence as we fight the second wave of COVID-19.

Keeping the present situation into consideration, Home Credit India is supporting its employees with a slew of financial and medical assistance measures which ensures safeguarding the life of employees and their families.

Employee centric COVID task force

-  The company has set up a COVID task force comprising proactive and willing employees who go that extra mile to help other colleagues. The task forces help in a range of activities, from:

- Creating awareness regarding plasma donation

- Providing vehicle assistance in case of emergency

- Home Credit has also put together a fund to give financial help for employees

- Acquired Oxygen Concentrator and Oxygen Cylinder at various office locations for emergency usage for employees and their families

- Assistance for arrangement of beds in hospitals

Financial & medical aid to affected families

- For all employees, advance leave allocation has been put in place for the entire year that can be availed for COVID-19 period.

- The firm has initiated a program where an employee who has been deceased due to COVID will be given salary for one-year upto Rs 5 lakh.

24x7 free doctor consultation 

In today’s time, people are psychologically and emotionally feeling drained and even smallest of the problems are becoming a cause for worry. Currently, it is important that the employees and their families get timely medical guidance. To assist employees, the firm has organized free online doctor consultation services for free.

Emotional and physical well being of employees care for employees 

The anxiety of testing COVID positive apart, organizations have also realized that a large section of employees are just overwhelmed by the despairing situation.

- Wellness programs have been scheduled for all employees.

- Activities like Zumba, Yoga, etc have been arranged.

- Several Webinars are being organized by the firm for employees and their well-being


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