Have Realistic Expectations: Dr Pragati Shubha

In an exclusive interaction with BW Healthcareworld, Dr Pragati Shubha, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Recon - Centre for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, busts myths related to plastic surgery and discusses post COVID trends in the plastic surgery sector. Excerpts:

Do you think that post pandemic demand for facial plastic surgery procedures is still high?

Yes, post pandemic demand for procedures like Rhinoplasty are still high. This sudden rise in cosmetic procedures is due to excessive video conferencing and social media usage. People are now spending an excessive amount of time working on their laptops and doing video conference meetings or making reels and taking too many selfies. They are now noticing the details of their facial appearance more closely and that too for long hours. This over analysis and self-criticism is leading to more and more people being aware of certain flaws or even wanting to just enhance their natural appearance. However, researchers say that webcams and mobile front cameras record at a short focal length, which results in a more rounded face, wider set of eyes and a broad nose. It makes the appearance not so acceptable by the patients. It causes a kind of zoom dysmorphia, which encourages people to look for facial cosmetic procedures.

What exclusive facial aesthetic procedures are likely to trend in future? 

In India, people tend to get Rhinoplasty, hair transplant, botox and fillers done. But nothing exclusive is trending nowadays. However, the number of people opting for fillers and botox is definitely on the rise.

What could be the highest post-surgery complications of having a facial plastic surgery?

Not particularly a complication, but people not being fully satisfied with their facial plastic surgery results is common. As sometimes the results are not as per the expectations of the patient. Scarring is very common in Indian skin types. Like with any surgery, there is always a possibility of skin infections, bleeding and swelling.

What are the do's and don'ts one must follow when planning a facial plastic surgery?


Have realistic expectations.

Eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

Include fiber and vitamins in your diet. 

Stay active and engage in light workout like walking, stretching and yoga. 

Stay hydrated. 

Discuss your detailed medical and surgical history with the doctor. 

Take required rest post-surgery. 

Comply with your post-operative treatment and instructions.


Avoid alcohol at least a month prior to surgery. 

Tobacco and smoking to be avoided at least two weeks prior to surgery. 

Stop intake of aspirin, vitamin E supplements and other blood thinners. 

Refrain from any tenacious physical activity.

What are some of the myths regarding plastic surgery that you would like to burst?

Myth: Facial plastic surgery is done by celebrities.

Fact: Most patients are regular people, who get these surgeries done to take care of a certain defect or to just enhance their natural appearance. 

Myth: Facial plastic surgery is done only for vanity.

Fact: It is often done to correct certain birth defects, nasal breathing difficulties and post-cancer surgery or post-traumatic defects.

Myth: Facial Plastic surgeries are very costly.

Fact: Cost depends on the procedure that is being undertaken. Most procedures have become affordable. At Recon, easy financing options are also available. 

Myth: Only women get facial plastic surgery.

Fact: Not the truth anymore! Hair transplant and Rhinoplasty are quite popular among men.

Myth: Facial plastic surgeries are painful and have a long recovery period.

Fact: Surgical procedures are performed under general Anesthesia. Advanced surgical techniques and post-surgical medications makes the procedure less painful and smoothen the recovery process. Recovery does takes time. However, most people return to their normal activities in about two weeks.


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