Future Of Remote Healthcare In India

AI-led cardiac care and remote ECG monitoring services is the need of the hour. Delayed treatment is very common when technology is not available at its best

Remote healthcare is a part of the new normal. It enables a robust healthcare system for every nation around the globe. This form of healthcare is imperative to function during this pandemic. 

As per Lokesh Prasad, MD AliveCor, “One of the most important things for a clinician is to be able to get accurate readings. What makes us really proud is that we are the most clinically validated personal ECG device that is out there in the world. Our sensitivity and specificity numbers are both in the 97 per cent plus so there is confidence in the clinician when he or she sees something coming out of our technology and this is AI-based. They feel they can rely on it. ”

Dr Tapan Shah, Managing Partner, BigOne Capital and Founder & CEO, Y Company stresses upon how important remote healthcare is and also how important it is to spread awareness regarding this. He went on to speak about skill differences. “When we look at how difficult remote care might be, the question is how it is going to be for a professional to actually use it for others,” says Shah.


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