Biohack Your Way To A Healthier Future

Promising personalised solutions for getting fitter and healthier, the biohacking industry is projected to reach USD 63 billion by 2028 as more and more people become aware about the benefits of biohacking

Biohacking is fast becoming a hot topic when it comes to health and healthcare. Often called “do-it-yourself” biology, biohacking is actually a science that can help individuals feel better by making small, actionable lifestyle changes incrementally. Promising personalized solutions for getting fitter and healthier, the biohacking industry is projected to reach USD 63 billion by 2028 as more and more people become aware about the benefits of biohacking. 

While biohacking can help improve every aspect of their health, its most significant contribution is to an individual’s health span. Healthspan refers to the number of years a person can live without diseases. By focusing on healthspan, individuals can ensure optimum quality of life, work longer and better, and improve their productivity and performance. 

Research suggests that because of cutting-edge interventions in the field of healthcare, the healthspan of individuals is increasing. It’s also important to note that the growing awareness in individuals is also the driving force behind a longer healthspan and burgeoning biohacking market. 

Biohacks For A Longer Healthspan  

As daunting as biohacking seems, adopting it is actually not as difficult. The key, however, is to start small and understand how biohacks can alter your biology. Biohacks based on the five foundational pillars to good health–i.e. diet, sleep, movement, environment, and emotions–can be used by beginners to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Integrating wearable technology while deploying these biohacks can also help track outcomes, as these devices allow you to track your sleep, blood sugar, physical activity, and nutritional consumption. A few biohacks that can help individuals with their healthspan are:  

Maintaining A Temperature of 19 Degrees Celsius at Night
At night, the body's temperature drops and then gradually warms up as morning comes. This correlates with the deepest phases of sleep where your body undergoes the most amount of physical repair. 

Sleeping in a room with a high-temperature messes with this process of natural thermoregulation, leading to fatigue and poor sleep quality. By maintaining a temperature of 19 degrees at night, people can ensure they sleep well through the night and wake up feeling refreshed.  

Drinking A Glass Of Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning  
Starting the day with a glass of lemon water gives a boost of vitamin C as well as hydration. It also flushes out toxins from the body, helps with rejuvenation, and gives the body antioxidants.  

Doing 20 Minutes of HIIT Once Every Week  
An important workout routine one can do to increase their cardiac health is high intensity interval training. HIIT activities are of short length but high in intensity. Upon performing HIIT, a lot of energy is released within a small period of time, and the oxygen demand surpasses the oxygen supply. This type of anaerobic exercise improves cardiovascular endurance as well as builds and maintains muscle. It trains an alternative energy source in your cells which is very important to long term health.  

Walking Barefoot On Grass
Walking for 10 to 15 minutes barefoot on grass activates acupressure points on the foot, which has an impact on the entire body. This act of grounding also reduces inflammation and is one of the best ways to connect with nature. ‘Walking barefoot on grass also improves our proprioception and improves lower body limb strength. Proprioception allows us to be aware of our own limbs in relation to the outside world, helps us control our movement and keeps our body aligned.’ 

Practicing Box Breathing  
One of the best ways to reduce stress is by adopting the practice of box breathing. This breathing technique helps calm the autonomic nervous system (ANS), especially the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which helps the body relax after a period of stress. 

Biohacking is paving the way for a healthier future, allowing for personalized interventions for well-being that everybody can benefit from.

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