Ayurveda For The Treatment Of Diabetes

Ayurveda consists of three fundamental Doshas (energies that govern the body) Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. A perfect balance of these three energies leads to a state of good health and an imbalance of Kapha and Vata doshas is a cause of diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin is impaired. This leads to abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates thereby causing a spike in blood sugar levels. It is a common health issue faced by millions across the world. The alarming figures from the International Diabetes Federation are a matter of concern even for those who haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes but have symptoms. Reports state that 1 in 11 adults (20-79 years) have diabetes (463 million people) and over 1.1 million children and adolescents below 20 years have type 1 diabetes. The first WHO Global report on diabetes manifests a quadruple jump in the number of diabetics since 1980. In the millennium year, India had about 31,705,000 cases which are estimated to grow over by 100% to 79,441,000 by 2030.

Many aspects are the cause of this illness. A sedentary lifestyle, obesity, aging, and dietary factors can increase the chances of developing the condition. Diabetes has no cure yet and medical practitioners are working round the clock to find a remedy. Today 14th of November is World Diabetes Day, a day to ponder and take concerted actions to confront this health problem. Being strongly affiliated with Ayurveda and the co-founder of a modern Ayurvedic brand Kapiva, I am aware that Ayurveda can have a positive impact on diabetes. It involves lifestyle patterns, diet, regimes, exercises, etc that lead to holistic wellness thereby alleviating many chronic illnesses.

Ayurveda consists of three fundamental Doshas (energies that govern the body) Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. A perfect balance of these three energies leads to a state of good health and an imbalance of Kapha and Vata doshas is a cause of diabetes. To bring back harmony amongst doshas there are many herbs and lifestyle hacks that you can incorporate.

Gurmar: When translated in Hindi Gurmar means ‘Destroyer of Sugar’. Primarily composed of gymnemic acid, it helps block the sugar receptors on your tongue, decreasing your ability to taste sweetness thereby reducing sugar cravings. It has anti-diabetic properties and can also block receptors in your intestines and stop sugar absorption, reducing after-meal blood sugar levels.

Giloy: This magical herb heals a plethora of illnesses including diabetes. Especially known to manage type 2 diabetes, it acts as a hypoglycemic agent that increases the production of insulin. It further aids the burning of excess glucose which leads to a decline in high blood sugar levels.

Methi: A rich source of soluble fibre, Methi is a great remedy for dwindling high blood sugar levels. It helps in the formation of a thick-gel-like layer in the intestine that hampers the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. It is also known to be beneficial in improving the way the body utilizes sugar.

Jamun Seeds: Filled with alkaloids, Jamun Seeds convert starch into energy and reduce diabetic symptoms. Furthermore, it stimulates the secretion of insulin and accelerates the wound healing process in diabetics.

Tamra Jal: An immemorial healthful measure is drinking water from a copper vessel. This water stored within the vessel is called ‘Tamra Jal’. It helps balance the three doshas and may curb fluctuating levels of blood sugar.

Panchakarma: This is a highly acclaimed Ayurvedic practice that includes 5 different therapies. Panchakarma procedures naturally purify the body. They help cure diabetes and maintain the work of the pancreas. Furthermore, they restore the balance of the three doshas.

Yoga: Physical activity is a popular tool for managing diabetes. It is advisable to practice moderate to mild forms of exercise as high-intensity activities can trigger a rise in blood glucose levels temporarily. Yoga is an ideal practice recommended by Ayurveda to manage diabetes. There are many yoga asanas which when done right can reduce blood sugar levels and improve blood circulation.

Consuming the mentioned herbs and following the said practices can come a long way in your fight against diabetes. To aid the consumption of powerful Ayurvedic herbs, Kapiva offers a range of herbal juices and nutrition powders that are palatable. Being a modern Ayurvedic nutrition brand we have many products that are nutritious and pertain to a modern lifestyle. Our vision is to make Ayurveda accessible to every Indian household.

Amidst a pandemic, we have witnessed a rise in the adoption of Ayurveda. For numerous reasons, people have moved to follow natural methods to boost immunity. Even for a chronic condition like diabetes, age-old Ayurvedic practices have a lot to offer and that is enough of a reason why you should be making the most of it.


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